Bye Intel. New Macs coming with ARM processors.

I’ve been predicting this for a few years but Apple finally did it. 

The Mac is finally moving to Apples own industry leading custom processors. 

Its a good movie means Apple is not tied to Intels timetable and gives Apple more of the control it loves so much. In 2005 when Apple moved to Intel it taked about how much more performance per watt Intel was going to give their computers but it recent years Intels development has stalled with only minimal improvements every year.

Apple does these transitions really well and the suite of tools to help ease the transition including a translation layer to make Intel programs run on the new hardware without re-writing will really help users make the transition without having to rebuy everything all at once.

Obviously Bootcamp will no longer be able to turn your Mac into a windows machine which will removed some flexibility but at the cost of improved battery life and performance.

I fell really positively about the transition. What about you? Are you looking forward to a new ARM based Mac running cooler with better battery life? 

I bet they won’t get any cheaper though.